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Meet each other. Be together. Meet again.
Paderborn. Bustling city and spring of encounters.

Where the strong support each other!

Science. Research. Industry.
Paderborn. Home of poets, thinkers, and scientists.

City, country, Pader!

Tradition. Innovation. Evolution.
Paderborn. Home of tradition and urban living.


The mission of "Paderborn Überzeugt" is to promote the attractiveness and image of our city locally, regionally and nationwide in order to attract key players to the Paderborn area and keep them here.


What becomes larger, stronger and more powerful if you share it? Ideas. We support the development of our city by providing ideas and new impetus that inspire. Our goal is to thrill and motivate our citizens, and to bring many interesting projects to life. Because ideas require action.


We are your contact for Paderborn city life. We sponsor individual projects and can help you every step of the way. Our secret to success is combining different kinds of strengths to create synergies that work. As Aristotle once said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Probably the most pleasant side effect of the association’s work is networking. Paderborn has it all: diversity. Here, business people meet artists, native Paderborn citizens meet newcomers. We support the active exchange between people of various disciplines who all have one thing in common: Their active commitment to Paderborn.